At home in Carson City, Nevada.


In 1967, at age 12, he picked up his brother’s Harmony acoustic guitar during a camping trip to Ontario, Canada, and began strumming the two chords someone had shown him. When a new kid moved in down the street in Irondequoit NY with an electric guitar and Sears Silvertone amp, he was hooked.  He and his friends bought guitars at the House of Guitars, taught themselves a few songs and started a band.  Back then every kid wanted to play guitar, so he started playing bass and joined high school bands that practiced, played out once or twice, and broke up.


Throughout college Doug turned up his stereo and played his acoustic  Guild D-50 with artists like the Byrds, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Leo Kottke, and others.  After college and law school he began a 30 year career as a state’s attorney, got married and helped raise three boys. In the early 90’s he bought a computer, MIDI keyboard and cheap electric guitar and started composing and recording music. In the late 90’s, having played solo in his home for over two decades, he started gigging with local bands, playing classic rock and blues.  After a decade of weekend club and casino gigs, Doug quit the band scene and started a solo acoustic act. 


Doug plays classic folk rock, Americana, folk and blues tunes as well as his own original compositions.  He has been told he does Dylan better than Dylan and plays acoustic guitar as well as Eric Clapton, his main influences.   Not an up and coming artist as much as a seasoned musician who is having a blast continuing to perform for others and jam with other musicians as he has his entire life.