​You’re not going to hire me to get a dance party going – I’m going to play easy listening music loud enough to hear but quiet enough to talk over.  Maybe you're hiring me to do a particular song at your wedding.  Song Selection:  I have a repertoire of about 100 songs. I’ll have a list of these songs available at gigs for customers to make requests.  My act is acoustic guitar and vocals. I perform a few songs with backing tracks. Here is a PDF of my song list:


I love recording and have some decent "pro-sumer" gear. If you can live with the limits of my studio, I'm happy to engineer or play on one of your projects.

Live Sound: 

I've got a set of 15" and 12" Yamaha monitors/mains, 15" 3-way Yorkville powered mains, 8-channel Mackie Powered Mixer,  16 channel Mackie Mixer, all the cables and stands. I don't know, it's just sitting out in the garage now. I'd like to put it to use.